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Mass Notification and Emergency Communications System

Mass Notification Systems
for Reach, Clarity & Safety
In certain situations and during emergency events the
dissemination of information is key to life safety. Messages
must not only be seen and heard – they must be understood.
Today, MNEC systems have grown to protect us against
more than just fires. These systems alert us and provide
us with critical information and directions to follow during
dangerous weather, acts of terror or other hazardous
events. To reach the majority of occupants, these messages
must integrate across multiple platforms and include a
complete range of communication methods-both visual
and auditory.
Visual cues can include strobes, digital signage, email
notifications, text messaging, flat panel and message board
displays. Audio notification must provide signaling that is
successfully delivered throughout the indoor and outdoor
space with a clarity and intelligibility that ensures the
content of the message is not lost.
Lencore systems address the four critical factors in
developing a Mass Notification and Emergency
Communications system: Reach, Clarity, Redundancy, and Reporting.
Lencore MNEC Solutions
Lencore’s Engineered Systems for MNEC provide a completely
packaged solution for ease of use and installation.
Using a branded enclosure, all of the system’s head end
equipment is expertly assembled and ready for on-site
installation. Based on need, optional equipment can be
added to the system.
The components of the system provide robust zoning
capabilities as well as multiple levels for emergency and
mass notifications. The system can tie together multiple
floors, facilities, or even entire campuses to provide a
universal communication system that can be accessed
locally and globally to ensure that important announcements
can be heard at the facility whether it is across the
parking lot, across town, or around the world.
Features and Capabilities
Programming for up to 1.5 million square feet can be made
through each Music / Paging Interface (MPI) and set for all
call, emergency broadcast and priority paging for real time
communication in company or campus wide announcements.
Zones can be grouped through a web browser and
managed through the system’s sound manager and configurator.
Up to 99 zones can be set for the system.
Point Z® Technology
The zoning capabilities of the system allows each speaker
channel to have up to 11 zones of overlap including all call.
This provides the ability to create acoustically distinguishable
spaces that can be selected to receive specific announcements.
This means your project is truly customized
to your needs.
Adaptive Equalization (AE)
Lencore’s system automatically compensates and readjusts
for frequency line loss ensuring a quality signal that
is continuously and uniformly broadcast and distributed
throughout the entire system.
Prioritized Paging
The paging aspects of the system set prioritizing levels
for both the global and local microphone and telephone
inputs. This means that if your CEO is making a company
wide announcement from the corporate headquarter
building, but there is a weather emergency in one of the
regional offices, the regional office has the ability to
override the global announcement to ensure the safety
of occupants.
Pre-recorded Announcements
For added safety, Lencore MNEC systems can be configured
with pre-recorded messaging. These announcements
enable clients to create the safety scripts and directions
they need occupants to follow in the case of an emergency.
Up to 58 independent, randomly accessible messages can
be accessed by the system through local and remote controls.
By providing these “canned” messages, human error
is reduced and the messages are delivered with a clarity
and consistency that improves communications.
System Monitoring and Reporting
Lencore systems are capable of providing visual, audio,
email and text notifications as well as system monitoring
and reporting for thermal and other events.
System Redundancy
Smart Switch
An important aspect to any MNEC system is the system’s
built in fail safes. The Lencore system comes equipped
with a Smart Switch that provides the continuity should
a natural or forced break in the system’s wiring occur. If a
break happens in the system, signals and messaging are
automatically re-routed around the break. In addition, the
system can report the break for ease of troubleshooting.
User Interface Controls
Sound Manager / Configurator
The entire Lencore system can be accessed through two
password protected user interfaces. From your browser,
changes and adjustments can be made to the volume,
contour, and equalization for masking, paging and music
channels and zones. The interfaces can also run diagnostics
including a self-check for system status.
Managed Services
As part of the management of your safety strategies, we
offer ongoing managed service contracts. The contracts
provides quarterly system diagnostics to ensure optimal
functionality as well as product and software updates and
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