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Acoufelt Printed Felt Acoustical Panels

Soft, noise absorbing materials can be printed to appear as though they are a fashionable hard surface. This custom printing service allows a designer to provide a very high-resolution image of the desired surface to be printed in large format as an acoustic material.

Acoufelt Solid Color Felt Panels

Acoufelt Solid Color Felt Panels, come in a large array of colors with strong acoustical properties. Quick Ship Available.

Acoustic Carpet Tile

Acoufelt Carpet Tiles are designed specifically to provide superior acoustic performance compared to that of similar floor coverings. Key to the acoustic performance is the felt backing on Acoufelt Carpet Tiles that helps to achieve the specified Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) of 0.25. Carpet tiles come in a wide range of standard colors/patterns.

Acoustical Ceiling Panels, Baffles, and Clouds

Our acoustical ceiling mounted products are often used in areas with high ceilings, or in situations where there is not enough wall space to correct the acoustical problem with wall panels. We offer high-quality acoustical products for superior reverberation reduction and sound insulation.

Acoustical Fabric Wrapped Wall Solutions

Whether you need acoustical wall panels or hanging baffles, we can make your space quieter. Our“cubicle” panel extenders give office professionals more privacy and are designed to keep sound from penetrating through walls and ceilings....Read More

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Lencore Spectra i.Net System

THE LENCORE SPECTRA I.NET® Sound Masking System's intuitive technology, infinite flexibility, and open-platform system design revolutionizes the standard, quality and adjustment capabilities for networked sound masking systems....Read More

Mass Notification and Emergency Communications System

In certain situations and during emergency events, the dissemination of information is key to life safety. Messages must not only be seen and heard, they must be understood. Enter Lencore’s intelligible, intelligent, integrated solutions for life safety and emergency communications....Read More

Melamine Foam Acoustical Products

TECHLITE® ACCENT and Silencer Series are intended for places where aesthetics are as important as the acoustics, such as reception areas, recording studios, acoustic testing facilities and other high traffic/high impact spaces. Quick Ship is available for tight deadlines.

Paging & Audio Systems

Whether a stand-alone, part of our sound masking system, or an integral component of our n.FORM™ mass notification and emergency communications solution, Lencore’s offering delivers an intelligible page and audio output that is right for your application....Read More

Solving Call Center Noise Problems

Acoustical treatments soften background noise

Solving Collaborative Workspace Problems

Fixes for workplace lack of privacy, distractions, conversational noise

Sound Masking

Sound masking introduces an unobtrusive, ambient background sound to the office environment that renders speech unintelligible while reducing interference from distracting office sounds....Read More