Acoustics can be fun!! Yes, these are all acoustical panels that have been designed to be both acoustically and aesthetically pleasing.

With the current trend of increased occupancy and open plan offices, the use of proper acoustics is more important than ever. While the use of the open plan is intended to promote communication, creativity, and productivity; companies have found the opposite to be true with noise being the number one complaint in most open office environments. Noise from conversations, phones, and technology has resulted in reduced productivity and increased stress among employees.

Why don't architects, designers, and builders make quieter spaces? Normally there is a compromise demanded between the design for the eye and the design for the ear. It seems the materials that look good in modern designs are often the same surfaces that reflect noise making the spaces challenging for the ears.

To remedy this trade-off, there is often more than one solution to the problem. The use of sound masking to reduce speech intelligibility and using soft, noise absorbing materials printed to appear as though they are a fashionable hard surface can prove to be very successful in reducing office noise. The custom printed panels allow a designer to provide a very high-resolution image of the desired surface to be printed in large format as an acoustic material. With the custom printing service, there is no reason why spaces cannot be designed for the ear and the eye.

If you have a specific pattern or image that you want to be turned into an acoustic material, please contact us.