Having a fully engaged, high-performance workforce is vital for corporate growth and survival. According to Gallup’s study on The State of the Global Workplace, only 29% of US employees are engaged. It is critical that companies take a look at their workplace design to ensure that their environment is conducive to happy, healthy, engaged and productive employees.  It is important that companies invest in employee engagement to stay competitive, increase productivity and improve the bottom line.

Unfortunately, in planning their workspace, many companies look at the 1st cost of design rather than the lifecycle cost of doing things right the first time.  If the money were spent upfront, for a better facility, resulting in more efficient, happy and productive employees, how much is this worth?  How much is the negativity of the disengaged, unhappy employees impacting others and ultimately the bottom line?

With the shortage of top talent and the increasing competition to obtain and retain these employees, this is something that companies really should think about.