Acoufelt Scatter Acoustic Carpet Tile range offers an outstanding acoustic solution to making office spaces quite whilst also looking great. There is something special about how good the Scatter range of carpet tiles look. Perhaps it’s that they don’t look like carpet tiles at all. The tile edges virtually disappear.

Nature was the inspiration for the Acoufelt Scatter range. It looks so complete, so unified when laid that it’s hard to recognise it as a carpet tile. The secret to this is the irregular pattern that emulates nature – giving us the difference that allows us to see unity.

With superior acoustic performance (Sound Absorption coefficient dw 0.30 and NRC 0.25 [125-4000 Hz]), Scatter demands no compromise between “designing for the eye” and “designing for the ear”. It is an easy way to do both!

Acoufelt manufactures products to help make quiet spaces for residential, hospitality, workplace and education. Call us now to see how they can help you Making Quiet.