Our preserved Moss Walls are created from all natural forest moss that require no watering, sunlight, or maintenance of any kind. This is a groundbreaking way to create a high quality indoor experience with the added benefits of sound absorption and a major visual statement.

In addition to moss varieties, we have a selection of preserved plants that can be incorporated into any design.


We use preserved moss harvested sustainably from forests around the world. Once harvested, it is put through an industry- guarded process that allows it to retain its soft flexible organic texture while expanding its life span to up to ten years.

We have also provided the sound absorption ratings, based on the Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) scale, of each moss type. A score of 0 means that no sound is absorbed by a product and a score of 1 means that all sound is absorbed.

Our Process

Project Scope - We undergo a consultation process to learn more about your project and determine which solutions would suit the brief.

Design - After a consultation, you have the option to request an in-house rendering of what the final product could look like. This is a great tool to present to clients, stakeholders, and your team.

Build - Once everything is finalized, we get to work bringing your project to life in our in-house workshop. We provide progress updates and photos to ensure we are on track.

Deliver - We ship our products anywhere in the U.S.. Wherever the project is located, we will ship your completed product and even handle installation if needed.


While different projects have different requirements, we always ensure the product is securely mounted. The installation method is dependent on where the product is mounted.

Typically, our framed moss logos are fitted with two Z-Clips for optimal support and easy installation.

Our moss walls that are mounted on felt substrate are typically screwed directly into the wall through the felt.

Substrate Options



This is our most popular substrate. It supports the moss while keeping the weight of the overall installation lighter and increases the acoustic properties. It can be modified easily on installation and flex to follow curved walls, ensuring a quality fit in any space.


A wooden substrate is a great option for rigidity as well a framework for mounting signage on moss.


While not the most commonly used substrate, an aluminium backing is an option for rigidity and fire resistant building code requirements.