Reindeer Moss comes in 18 colors and is perfect for creating intricate designs, logos, and more.

This moss is a lichen found in abundance in the Arctic lands. It is an intricate, multi-stemmed plant that creates a beautiful texture, even in geometrical designs. It is the go-to choice for design-specific projects.

Reindeer Moss possesses an NRC of 0.55


Flat Moss is a plush, flat moss that makes for a clean, simple look that works well as a signage backdrop or paired with other moss types for a forest look. It is also the most resilient moss that holds up well to foot traffic.

It grows in forests on fallen trees and is harvested without stripping the bark.

Flat Moss possesses an NRC of 0.65


Pole Moss (or ‘bunn’ moss) is a dimensional moss that is perfect for creating movement and a 3D effect in a design.

Like Flat Moss, it also grows in forests and is harvested with great consideration of it’s natural environment.

Pole Moss possesses an NRC of 0.90


Pillow Moss is a textured moss that creates the appearance of plants growing right from the walls. This moss has the most variances in appearance.


Blended Moss designs are composed of a combination of two or more moss types to create a garden effect right on the wall.




Preserved plants and moss blended together creates one of the biggest wow effects of any preserved plant products.